Discover a world where every product has a story, and authenticity is just a tap away. GENU.N harnesses the power of NFC and QR technology to unlock unparalleled digital experiences, ensuring every interaction enriches your connection to the brands you love.

Digital Experiences

Turn your physical items into digital assets effortlessly. Create token-gated physical and digital activities, offer exclusive airdrops to your fans, and engage localized communities with unique digital access. Forge fandom through innovative channels.

When customers tap into your branded merchandise, they’re led to an exclusive new digital experience for your community. Use this chance to also engage them (via our online polling tool) to help guide your next event, merchandise drop, or more.

Customer Activation

Customer Engagement: Interactive features like games and lucky draws enhance customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

Community Building: Through platforms like Telegram and Discord, GENU.N facilitates community building, enabling brands to connect with customers on a deeper level and cultivate vibrant brand ecosystems.

Fan Loyalty: Foster a strong community by weaving fan loyalty into your product offerings. Reward your most dedicated fans with exclusive discounts, giveaways, and unique events such as a sneak peek of new music.


Robust analytics provide brands with valuable insights into customer behavior, guiding targeted marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Protect your brand, no matter the size of your company. Don’t let counterfeits compromise your brand identity or impact your sales. Integrate NFCs or QR Codes into your products with our platform, utilizing blockchain technology to effortlessly combat counterfeiting.