GENU.N stands out with its combination of cutting-edge technology, personalized approach, focus on seamless experiences, and industry expertise:

  • Dedicated, Skilled Team: While we’re a lean team, we are highly focused. Our developers and business specialists understand your industry challenges deeply, ensuring tailored solutions that drive real results for your brand.
  • Personalized Support: We don’t just provide a platform; we become an extension of your team. Expect ongoing strategic guidance and collaboration as you implement and scale your GENU.N integration.
  • Seamless, Customizable Experiences: What sets GENU.N apart is our focus on providing a seamless, customizable experience for brands. We offer flexible branding, content, and engagement options, empowering you to tailor your digital experiences. Our robust API ensures easy integration with your existing systems.
  • Focus on Growth: Our goal isn’t just about technology; it’s about empowering your business. We’re committed to helping you leverage GENU.N to combat counterfeiting, deepen customer engagement, and uncover the insights that drive sustainable growth.

A lot of businesses can benefit from using GENU.N some immediate examples include: 

Clothing Brands: GENU.N tags are ideal for authentication, customer engagement, brand storytelling, and offering unique promotions.

Cosmetics: GENU.N QR codes offer secure authentication, omni-channel loyalty, customer engagement, and more.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: Integrate GENU.N QR codes into your products to enhance brand loyalty, increase customer engagement, and share your brand’s story.

Music Artists: GENU.N tags on standard and limited-edition signed merchandise ensure authenticity and provide unique ways to engage with your fanbase, including special chat groups and artist interactions.

Events: GENU.N tags provide attendees with digital tokens that can be claimed for exclusive rewards and benefits. Our platform introduces gamified elements to your events while also enhancing your merchandise with a digital layer.

Game Companies: GENU.N cards can enhance marketing campaigns and events, building awareness for your game. Adding a physical card element that links to digital assets helps onboard users.

We work on a project to project basis. If you are interested in using our solution, please reach out to us!

The GENU.N platform currently only supports English, but we have plans to expand the service to other languages in the future.

Features & Benefits

GENU.N offers a comprehensive solution to combat counterfeiting with its authentication technology. By incorporating encrypted NTAG424 NFC chips or QR codes into your products, each item is endowed with a unique digital identity that is securely registered and verifiable on the blockchain. These NTAG424 chips provide an additional layer of security, as each chip is unique and authorized directly by our platform, effectively preventing the production of counterfeit chips.
When customers scan these tags with their smartphones, they gain instant access to detailed product information and can verify its authenticity. This process not only confirms the legitimacy of each product but also protects your brand’s reputation by inhibiting the distribution of counterfeit goods. Furthermore, the transparency and traceability offered by GENU.N’s system empower consumers to make informed purchases, bolstering trust in your brand.

Yes, GENU.N is perfect for managing limited-edition product drops and exclusive events. Our platform utilizes NFC tags and QR codes to transform each item or event ticket into a unique digital asset. For limited-edition products, GENU.N enables you to create digital certificates of authenticity and ownership which can be easily verified by customers, adding an exclusive and secure layer to each item.
For events, these digital assets can serve as secure entry tickets and also provide attendees with exclusive access to special content, experiences, or merchandise linked to the event. This enhances the value and exclusivity of your offerings, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

GENU.N helps build customer loyalty by creating a personalized and interactive journey for each customer, fostering deeper connections with your brand. By utilizing NFC tags and QR codes, brands can offer unique digital experiences that immerse customers in their story and values. For example, polling features can engage customers by allowing them to vote on upcoming products or features, making them feel invested in the brand’s product line and providing valuable insights into customer preferences.

Another example is how our client Leila Amulets implemented GENU.N into their bracelets, enabling customers to easily verify the authenticity of each piece. This builds trust and confidence in the brand while also providing a seamless way for Leila to share their story and craftsmanship with customers.

Brands can also offer exclusive content, rewards, and interactive features like digital collectibles or augmented reality experiences to encourage repeat engagement. GENU.N empowers brands to tailor loyalty programs, offering token-gated access to special events, product drops, or behind-the-scenes insights. This approach not only keeps customers returning but also makes them feel valued and part of the brand’s story, thereby strengthening loyalty and advocacy.

Technical FAQs

GENU.N currently supports the NTAG424 chip.

Certainly, GENU.N enables you to tailor the digital experience to your brand’s unique identity and engagement strategy. Our user-friendly templates offer considerable flexibility, allowing you to personalize content and features accessed upon scanning or tapping. This includes:

  1. Crafting a bespoke event or product page aligned with your brand aesthetics.
  2. Curating specific links on your pages to guide customer interactions.
  3. Diversifying user pathways to various experiences from the primary interaction point.
  4. Integrating interactive modules, like real-time polling, with an expanding roster of options on the horizon.
  5. Defining exclusive token-gated content and experiences for different customer segments.

For those seeking a more tailored design, our white-label solution allows full branding customization, superseding GENU.N’s own. Additionally, our API suite is available for advanced integrations, enabling you to create and connect customers to bespoke branded experiences seamlessly. For in-depth information on our customization capabilities, please reach out to our team.

At GENU.N, we utilize AWS solutions for robust and scalable data handling, while advanced encryption algorithms protect critical user information in our storage systems. Our smart contracts are open-source and regularly audited, ensuring transparency and security. Regular security audits across our systems further help maintain high standards of data integrity and privacy.

Yes, we provide an API suite that enables integration of GENU.N’s capabilities into your existing systems. You can maintain your custom front-end design while leveraging our robust backend to manage products and associate them with NFC tags supplied by GENU.N. This integration ensures a smooth, cohesive user experience while utilizing the full breadth of our platform’s features.

Getting Started

Onboarding process takes anywhere from 5 business days to several weeks depending on the volume of the order, which includes shipping time from our regional office.

Yes, our team at GENU.N provides comprehensive training and onboarding support. Through a series of meetings, we will assess your specific needs, train your team on managing products via our platform, and ensure you have the support necessary to get started quickly and efficiently.

Yes, we can provide a free trial or demo to our platform.

For any further inquiries or a quotation from our team, please contact us either through email or phone.

Email: contact@genun.tech

Phone: +852 6429 2673