Digitally activate your products to forge stronger customer connections.

GENU.N leverages smart tags to enrich physical products to unlock a world of digital storytelling, customer engagement, and brand security.


Provide content driven experiences and product authenticity with a smartphone scan

Fashion & Accessories:

Secure and digitally enhance your fashion accessories and clothing with our NFC tags. Protect your customers from counterfeits and use the tags to foster stronger connections with them.


GENU.N energizes events by transforming physical items into digital treasures, creating captivating interactions for attendees. With token-gated activities, exclusive airdrops, custom branding, and proof of attendance digital collectibles, GENU.N takes your event experience to the next level.


Deploy our GENU.N cards to unveil your NFT-linked NFC collection, perfect for trading cards or gift cards that directly unlock characters in your game.

Luxury Goods

Safeguard and elevate your luxury items with our innovative NFC tags. Shield your customers from imitations while leveraging the tags to deepen engagement and loyalty.


  • Integrated NFC/QR technology for seamless interaction.
  • Digital authentication for an authentic customer experience.
  • Instant access to brand and product insights.
  • Engaging scanning/tapping interface for dynamic user engagement.
  • Boost in brand visibility and awareness via digital channels.


  • Amplifies brand authenticity and credibility.

  • Elevates customer engagement and fosters loyalty.

  • Strengthens customer trust and enhances satisfaction.

  • Minimizes risks of counterfeiting and fraud.


Creators, Designers,
Marketplaces, Brands & Manufacturers

Qliktag is ideally suited to high value, high utility physical assets or products. Products where being able to uniquely identify the
item, verifying authenticity, preventing clonability or verification of ownership is inherently important.

Millions of products protected across multiple continents

Working with partners around the world to protect and grow brands.