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GENU.N provides an innovative and seamless solution that harnesses the capabilities of NFC technology and NFTs to enable effortless product authenticity verification. By significantly reducing counterfeiting risks, our advanced approach not only ensures brand protection, but also empowers brands to craft captivating, personalized user experiences, potentially unlocking new revenue streams. Experience the future of brand security and customer engagement with GENU.N’s comprehensive solution.


GENU.N’s mission is to provide a platform that utilizes NFC and NFT technology to help brands combat counterfeiting, gain valuable insights into consumer spending habits, and provide brands with new ways to capture revenue.


NFC (Near Field Communication) chips are small, wireless communication devices that enable data transfer between two compatible devices when placed in close proximity. They are commonly used for contactless payments, information sharing, and access control in various applications.

The NFC chip that we use at GENU.N has advanced security features and data protection capabilities. Additionally, the chip supports AES-128 encryption for secure data exchange, ensuring data privacy during communication between devices.

The distinctiveness of these NFC chips lies in their authentication process. When scanned, the unique identifier (UID) and a special key undergo server verification to confirm issuance by the associated brand or company. This secure authentication enables exclusive access to specific webpages or content for users who scan the designated chip. This technology presents numerous opportunities, including verifying the authenticity of merchandise from specific brands.